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Our History

Sysdyne was founded in 1976 in Stamford Connecticut by Mr.Craig Hung. Mr. Hung was an innovative inventor who held master and bachelor degrees in electrical engineer.

During late 1970s’ and early 1980s, led by Mr. Hung, Sysdyne has designed and built its first concrete batching control product. The vacuum tubes, relays and diodes were used to build the computing system. Pre-punched cards were used for mix design inputs and batch records were punched tapes. Not only this is the first generation for Sysdyne, it also the earliest concrete batching computer in the nation.

In the middle of 1980s’ Sysdyne applied Apple computer to improve its automation products.

By early 1990s’, Sysdyne’s IBM PC controlled batching products with DOS operating system became available to the market.

In 1999, Mr. Hung passed away.

In 2002, Larkin NewCo LLC acquired Sysdyne and continued doing business as Sysdyne. Since then, the company has devoted its efforts to build up customer satisfaction and apply cutting-edge technology to upgrade all its existing product lines while developing new products:

  • 2004 Launched new Windows XP based batching system to upgrade Sysdyne’s existing DOS based products,
  • 2005 Launched new MRC-PRO revolution counter to replace old MRC-110S and MRC-2000 counters,
  • 2006 Development of Web-based dispatching started,
  • 2007 Redesigned and developed new material handling system to replace old Seek N’ Feed;
  • 2008 Released the industry’s first Web-based dispatching software: ConcreteGo.com.